How to play the live escape game

Discover how to play a session of live escape game in Toulon and get psychologically ready to live an unforgettable experience with your team!

Two different rooms 

To live an unforgettable experience, Adventure Rooms Provence proposes three rooms. Each one contains a scenario of riddles that have to be solved.

Each room has its own and different challenge. Unique, they are not connected in any way and can be played in any order. A room can welcome 2 to 6 people, but it is also possible to welcome up to 12 people as we can propose a specific formula.

Entrez dans l'univers d'Adventure Rooms Provence

Enter the world of Adventure Provence Rooms

Two formula adapted for all

First of all, you have to reserve your place beforehand and indicate the chosen scenario and the number of players. The public is not directly greeted.

  • On the planned day, you will be warmly greeted.
  • You will get a short welcome breifing and we will also get to know each other.
  • If you are cool and motivated, we shall offer you some ultimate advice. 

For a group from 2 to 6 people - the classic formula

After the briefing, the time comes to meet the challenge and get inside the room. At this moment your team will have 60 minutes flat to break free from the room. This can be achieved with a process of reasoning, searching for clues, exchanging with other players and using objects avalable in the room.

If you are efficient, logical, creative and capable of teammate coordination, you may have the opportunity to reach out victory. But beware as 60 minutes run very fast and only 33 % of the participants manage to get out! 

For a group from 8 to 12 people - the DUEL formula

With this formula, 2 teams with the same number of players are formed after the briefing. The teams challenge one another. The goal is to get the best time during two scenarios of 30 mns!

Both teams leave for a first adventure of 30 mns and each team plays a different scenario. After a short break, both teams exchange scenarios and restart a 30 mns game. The victorious group is then determined based on the best accumulated time.

Welcome briefing speech on Adventure Rooms Provence about our live escape game in Toulon

A Leisure aCTIVITy in TOULON open to all

Adventure Rooms Provence is a recreational and entertaining activity. It establishes a new offer of leisure activity in Toulon.

It does not take place in a movie like Saw or in some kind of club with extreme tendencies … Phew! ^^

A game session of Adventure Rooms is an entertaining and unusual adventure! But it is not at all dangerous (no element of horror, no physical constraints). Just remember to bring your brain cells and your friends!

Actually the rooms do not contain any element of horror. The scenarios do not require any physical effort and are adapted for every one from 9 years old (accompanied with an adult) and from 14 years old (on their own). It is a recreational activity which intends to be performed by students, friends, family, couples, professionals and even tourists visiting Toulon.

The relaxed welcome by Jérôme Nicolas

The relaxed welcome by Jérôme Nicolas