Are you passing through Toulon? Have you got some time to spend before your departure and do you want to have fun in 1 hour flat without having to leave the city center? Come on travelers and meet the challenge !

Tourism in Toulon

Are you passing through or staying a few days in Toulon? Since you are going to Corsica via the port of Toulon. Since you have just arrived at the train station. Since you have landed at the airport of Toulon-Hyères. In any case, you have a few hours or days before you.

Well, there is very wonderful things to do in Toulon :

  • You might have the chance to see a match of RCT in Mayol stadium,
  • You could walk from the port of Toulon up to the Faron mountain by taking the cable railway, or
  • You could take a lunch in one of the good tables around
  • etc.

You certainly want to spend 1 or 2 hours of your remaining time to make something special and unusual in Toulon.

Idea for a tourist activity in Toulon

Please come and visit us! We are in the city center of Toulon (you can come walking from the train station or the port). We are nice people, we sometimes offer some coffee to the tourists who don’t know the city.

Because we like Toulon and because we will be pleased to have you discover its other facet with Adventure Rooms Provence's tourist activity: the live escape game is in red and black !