AdventureRooms Provence

1st live escape game from Provence

Tripadvisor Excellency 2016 2017 2018 2019

The game

Are you ready to meet the challenge of the 1st live escape game in Toulon ?

AdventureRooms Provence, 1st Live Escape Game in Provence, is a new concept of entertainment in Toulon ! Enter a room with your team of 2 to 12 people and solve puzzles to regain your freedom in less than 60 minutes! Enjoy an unforgettable experience in which creativity, logic and teamwork will be your only assets !

Additional information

Additional information

Who is concerned?

Compose your team from 2 to 12 people and take up the challenge ! Less than 33% of the teams managed to successfully complete the adventure ! What about you?


You study in Toulon or in the vicinity? But you have already seen everything in the city and you are looking for a new activity of leisure in Toulon to relax from your studies? Come to meet the challenge! Students


Does your family enjoy leisure activities? Would you like to share an unusual activity with your relatives in an unforgettable place suitable for all? Come with your children and relatives to meet the challenge! Family


Do you want to enjoy a new kind of entertainment downtown Toulon with your friends? But you also want to discover something different from the usual bowling, billiard or cinema for your next city break. Come with your buddies to meet the challenge! Friends


Are you passing through Toulon? Have you got some time to spend before your departure and do you want to have fun in 1 hour flat without having to leave the city center? Come on travelers and meet the challenge ! Tourists


You wish to strengthen your team's cohesion, but you don't find any off the tracks nice activities, different from the classic team building proposed in seminar. Come to meet the challenge with your work colleagues! Professionals